Solutions :

  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Insurance companies, NBFIs
  • Corporate sector
CFT Group is one of the largest software developers in Russia. The company offers a wide range of solutions successfully utilized by companies and organizations in various sectors of the economy: finance, retail, insurance, utilities and other industries.
Comprehensive banking solutions: digital business transformation, cloud services, compliance and risk management, technologies for organizing card business and loyalty programs, solutions for delivery of payment services. Proper response to current market challenges, fast Time to Market, best practices and cutting-edge technologies (AI, ML, BigData)
Financial services for getting risk-free commission income, industrial solutions for organizing coalition loyalty programs of any complexity.
High-tech business modernization for insurance market players and NBFIs.High-tech business modernization for insurance market players and NBFIs.
Solving the problems of managing financial flows of large companies, concerns, holdings, business alliances, taking into account the specifics of their organizational and territorial structure, and internal subordination.
Service Delivery Models :